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Friday, November 21, 2008

Obama Hillary Secretary of State Birth Certificate Kenya cartoon

The reason I title these posts so wordily is to make them easy to find when people Google for the subject, by the way.

This birth certificate controversy is a real, tangible thing.  Even Camille Paglia, an Obama supporter, has questions about it.

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Dann said...

Bad premise. Love your other work.

Baloo said...


You think the controversy has no basis? I wonder about it myself. But I do wonder why he doesn't just get a copy and make it available.

Dann said...

I think enough people have looked into it to make me skeptical. I could be wrong, but it seems to me that this certificate nonsense is starting to border on the 911 "Truthers" and their inability to accept the well as the laws of physics.

Baloo said...

Somebody theorized that Obama's birth certificate is fine, but he deliberately didn't release it in order to make his opponents suspicious and cause them to make a fuss, and at some point he'll release it to make us all look silly. Makes as much sense as most of what's gone on this year.

Steve said...

This isn't the same thing as 9/11 paranoia, which rests on speculation (and yes, bad physics). I don't think there's any question that the certificate has not been properly released, and it wouldn't be hard to do so. The question then becomes, Why hasn't it happened?

Perhaps this is just another case where he's dismissive of opponents, but that's actually another reason to check: he should know that he is not beyond being called to account.